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Welcome to .NET King Website

 If you are a Microsoft technology guru, you will find some nice stuff here. Microsoft BizTalk Server is my personal interest, but as a trainer and consultant I cannot limit myself to one product. As a result I have lots of tips and tricks about Microsoft .NET, SharePoint, SQL Server and BizTalk Server as well. This website provides you these technical points is the following sections:

  • Technical "How to..." videos: These videos are technical presentation to show you how to do some complex tasks, seminar presentations and some brief e-learning packages.
  • Technical Weblog: This section provides you with my daily technical experiences, technical announcements, technical workarounds for existing problems and what ever that I may find interesting to share with you.
  • Support: Here is the answer to your technical questions. If you have any technical inquiries that in in my technical field, don't hesitate sending me the question. If I know the answer I will publish your answer in the support section.
  • Cool links: These are my sweetest links. The internet links that I need them very frequently and most probably any developer does.