.NET Video presentations
 Hor quite a long time my clients have asked me to record the demos as off-line webcasts and multimedias. In a couple of my classes, my students have asked me to record these demos once and replay it in different classes.
 Well, this section is an answer to their request. Here I am providing videos on how to do things in live examples of .NET, BizTalk Server, SharePoint and SQL Server.
IMPORTANT: These videos are available for FREE download, but they will not remain FREE for ever.

Using XML web services in InfoPath 2007 10009 0.00$
This video shows you how to call and use XML web services in InfoPath 2007. The XML web services are already published on .NET King website and if you’d like to follow the examples all you need is just Microsoft InfoPath 2007. This video shows you examples of calling a simple XML web service with a single return values to web services that return complex data types.
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How to start with SQL Server 2005 replication 10007 0.00$
This presentation starts with a brief description on SQL Server 2005 replication. It explains the replication types in short and finally you will see a demo on SQL Server snapshot replication. To understand this presentation you don’t need any prior knowledge to SQL Server replication. It is literally the first step for SQL Server replication.
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How to enable and configure Forms Based Authentication in WSS 3.0 10006 0.00$
I have seen lots of documentations and nice articles about forms based authentication in WSS 3.0, but most of them have something missing links and sometimes the final result is frustrating. Remember that WSS 3.0 is nothing more than ASP .NET 2.0! In this video I have demonstrated this process from scratch with all its correlation with basic ASP .NET concepts that are applied behind the sense. Download and enjoy it because I have suffered a lot myself to find out how to implement it in different scenarios! Remember it is just a piece of cake if you have a good understanding about ASP .NET configuration settings.
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How to implement ASP .NET Role and Membership provider 10005 0.00$
Configuring the built-in provider for ASP .NET has been always considered as a complex process. I believe that it is not a complex process and in this 25 minute demonstration I show you how you can implement it from scratch. I don’t have any focus on the provider model concept and I assume that you are already familiar with the idea. This demo is just the implementation process.
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Transferring Data Using Microsoft Office Mail-merge 10004 0.00$
In this video you will see how you can use Microsoft office mail-merge feature to transfer data from MS Access to SQL Server 2005 express edition. It is actually a very unusual way of data transfer, but definitely you will come up to scenarios that it is one of your few limited choices. The presentation is done with Microsoft Word 2007, but it can be performed even with MS Word 2000.
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