In the weblogs section I put my daily notes. These notes are categorized into four groups:
  1. Technical weblog: This section is my actual blogs. The technical points and my daily discoveries are added here. You can read my daily technical notes and put your comments.
  2. Personal weblog: These logs are in Farsi language and I just put it as my daily personal notes for relatives, family members and very close friends. You need a user name and password to login. To get access to secure site simply click here.
  3. Support weblog: This is the section to answer the questions. When I receive a question from my clients or students I put the question and answer here.
  4. Cool links: Once in a while I find nice and very useful links that I may use them as reference in the future. You can find those links here.
Weblogs that I read
SharePoint Team Blog
Moustafa Arafa
Res Cogitans
Bashar Lulu

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